People seldom train themselves?

"People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy after."

Oliver Goldsmith

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Training & mentoring services


Our services are based on industry standard practices such as SCRUM, the unified process and the PMI body of knowledge. These are ever-evolving, commercially practical and disciplined approach to software development. Rarely is one single approach the optimal solution. More often the best approach is obtained by selecting best practices from the extensive set available.

Every project team within every company is unique. Environmental factors, individual experience, geographic location, schedule pressures etc. all impact the way in which a team works together. Finding the solution takes experience, skill and sometimes even a little luck! Knowing when you have found the solution is the key to a successful team.

How can an organization continually improve its approach without expertise in the application of continued software process improvement (SPI)? Our expert knowledge of the many process improvement studies helps us continually improve our own development process. The result: service and consulting expertise unparalleled in the industry.

What is the optimal team size?

Software development is more about communication than writing code. Far more is discussed than is ever written down, so the optimal team size is very often driven by the communication bandwidth of the team members.


The number of communication paths increases dramatically with the size of the team which leads to the best practice of small rather than large teams. Seven (+/- 2) is the SCRUM optimum.